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#22 - FIME 2016 Special Issue

How to Get Rid of Head Lice Without Chemicals

The V-Comb has undergone vigorous testing (Courtesy of Licetec)

Also presented at FIME, the Licetec V-Comb is a chemical- and allergen-free comb designed to eliminate lice infestation. Developed in Australia by TwoLife Technologies, and patented internationally as a Class I medical device, the V-Comb provides immediate feedback to the user as they comb, eliminating any uncertainty about the treatment’s effectiveness.


To satisfy international regulatory standards, the V-Comb has undergone vigorous testing and it is certified and registered with leading international health regulatory agencies, including the FDA, CE and Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The V-Comb has stainless steel metal teeth for the removal of lice and eggs, while the body is made of robust ABS plastic. Its built-in vacuum assists with drawing head lice and eggs that are removed by the teeth into a disposable capture filter housed within the unit.

The V-Comb’s teeth remove adult lice, hard-to-see nymphs and eggs from the hair during combing. As the hair is combed, it breaks the head lice life cycle and prevents re-infestation. The V-Comb then removes head lice and eggs from the teeth into disposable capture filters that can later be removed and sealed for hygienic disposal.

Fourteen Days

It is safe, simple and user-friendly for regular treatment on multiple children at home. The V-Comb is easily dismantled for cleaning and the combing head can be soaked in hot water. Used regularly, the V-Comb can also be used for early detection of head lice activity and prevent a full-blown infestation.

The V-Comb (Courtesy of Licetec)

The V-Comb (Courtesy of Licetec)

If an outbreak is suspected at school, TwoLife recommends using the V-Comb over a 14-day period. In the first four days, the company recommends combing daily to get rid of all lice and eggs in the hair. Using it consistently the first four days helps ensure that all the lice are picked up, in case any are missed in the first day.

In the next five to 10 days, TwoLife recommends using the comb two to three times to catch any eggs that might have hatched, or new lice that could have been picked up at school or daycare. On the 11th through the 14th days, use the comb once or twice after school or day-care to check for new lice activity. After the 14-day period, check the hair with the V-Comb once or twice a week for any new activity. It costs $64.99, according to the company’s website.

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Laura Newman is a New York-based medical writer that writes frequently about medical technological advances and health policy. She writes for the medical trade press, national health entities, and health care insurers.

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