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    GORE Stent: Beyond Bare Metal

    Courtesy of GORE

    The GORE TIGRIS® vascular stent uses the company’s heparin surface bonding technology for ongoing resistance to thrombosis. The firm also underscores the device’s great flexibility and minimal elongation—less than 0.1% in a US clinical study. The stent offers a combination of straightening force and elongation that allows arteries to flex naturally. In addition, GORE cites an FDA evaluation showing no frame fractures after 12 months of use. The same report confirmed that 100% of stents deployed within nominal length, supporting the company’s claim of “single-handed, precise delivery.” In addition, the stent ensures patency in applications involving elevated flexion, as demonstrated in a 2012-14 trial reported in Cardiovascular & Interventional Radiology.

    More info on GORE products can be found at MedicalExpo.com

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    Michael Halpern is a US-born and bred writer with experience in radio. He has lived in southern France for 15 years.

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