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    100 Petri Dishes at the Same Time

    Interscience’s ScanStation offers automatic, real-time colony detection and counting, while ensuring simultaneous incubation of 100 Petri dishes. A camera photographs each dish at the beginning of the incubation period and every 30 minutes thereafter. The intuitive touch interface enables examination of the ultra-HD images during or after incubation, and has zoom, pause and replay functions. In addition, all data are archived.

    ScanStation has the potential to shorten incubation time and increase accuracy. Continual monitoring of microbiological growth differentiates colonies from artifacts and prevents undercounting by distinguishing colonies that have grown together. The company holds patents for both station architecture and the robotic gripper that manipulates the dishes.

    About the Author

    Michael Halpern is a US-born and bred writer with experience in radio. He has lived in southern France for 15 years.

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